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Lighthouse Community & Micro Enterprise Zone

Our goal is to create a master planned community on a tiny scale that has a small-town feel.  This community will be made up of supportive services, a micro enterprise zone, economical tiny homes, community outdoor kitchens, and shower/restroom facilities.  This program will help restore the lives of men and women coming out of homelessness. To qualify, each participant must be chronically homeless in Manatee County for a period of one year or more.


Lighthouse Community:  A safe and clean environment where residents can connect and develop a sense of community.  This community plan is done in such a way as to provide resources and support to help our residents restore their pride and dignity.  Lighthouse Community is not a free program.  We believe the best way to empower people is to encourage them to take ownership of their lives.  Accountability programs help residents navigate the responsibilities of life such as paying rent, job training, employment, health care, and education.

Plan features:

Tiny home - These homes will be 150–200 square feet with electrical power but no plumbing

Outdoor Community Kitchens and Restroom/Shower facility

Support Services Building – Clinic, Telehealth, Case Management, and Job training


Micro Enterprise Zone:  Nick Manassa Ministries, Inc. will develop micro business opportunities that will create employment opportunity for residents where they can earn real income.  It will also create a sustainable funding source for the foundation to maintain current and future program needs.  The Enterprise Zone will be open to the public.

Plan Features:

          Lawn and Landscape Services

         Wood Shop

         Metal Shop

         Green House/Nursery

         Artisan Shop

         Community Store and Thrift

         Oil and Lube Shop

         Community Outdoor Theater

         Lighthouse Inn – Ten Tiny houses with full amenities


If you have a business and would like to expand it in a meaningful way and/or would like to partner in the Micro Enterprise Zone please email us at                             

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