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Image by Matt Collamer

Hope Center 

Our Hope Center is a temporary emergency shelter that provides a much-needed resource in our Community that provides a bed and associated needs.  Our programs allows for short term housing so that all the necessary follow up can be done in a more efficient manner. After an evaluation by law enforcement is done, participants are brought to the Hope Center for placement into their own unit.  The Hope Center is not a walk-in facility, referrals come from law enforcement or other service providers..  The Hope Center is a voluntary program based on a contractual agreement between the participant and The Hope Center.  Participants are expected to follow rules and guidelines and always adhere to State and Local laws.  Participants can be removed from the program for violations set forth in the agreement of the program. 


With the Hope Center providing temporary emergency short term housing, participants can be stabilized and continue to connect to much needed resources with the help of case management.


Some of what We Provide:

Private cabin that sleeps one

Heat and air conditioning

Co2/smoke detectors

Fire Extinguisher

Electrical outlets


Locking door


Common areas

Access to case managers


Pet Kennels

Personal property storage

Job Training

Required from Participants:

  • Sign program agreement

  • Follow rules

  • Must establish a savings account/plan

  • Program fees

  • Perform community service hours


The goal of the Hope Center is to assist those experiencing homelessness to get stabilized, assist with getting them connected to much needed resources, employment, and permanent housing opportunities. 

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